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wavy - a package for wave model validation

Patrik Bohlinger (Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Norway)


Gaute Hope (Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Norway); Trygve Halsne (Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Norway); Lars Robert Hole (Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Norway); Øyvind Breivik (Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Norway)

Event: 2022 CFOSAT Science Team Meeting

Session: Side workshop 1

Presentation type: Type Oral

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An increasing number of validation tasks motivated us to streamline efforts, and develop a python package facilitating the validation of wave model output against in-situ measurements and remote sensing data, such as satellite radar altimetry and recently SWIM products. Committing to cf-standards, providing off the shelf computation of validation statistics, and various quick-look options, we pursue the goal of making basic validation tasks as effortless as possible. Reducing the burden of retrieving data, processing time series, and computing validation metrics, allows to focus on the important tasks of understanding the results, subsequent model development, and calibration.
wavy - a package for wave model validation

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Main room Mon, Sep 12 2022,14:30 Mon, Sep 12 2022,15:10
Patrik Bohlinger
Norwegian Meteorological Institute