2021 CFOSAT ST Complete Program

2021 CFOSAT Science Team Meeting (online)
Monday, March 15 2021 - Thursday, March 18 2021
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Mission status

Hauser Daniele, Liu Jianqiang Science team welcome and introduction Contribution
Cheng Yan CFOSAT orbit state and platform in-orbit performance AbstractContribution
Lachiver Jean-Michel, Tourain Cédric SWIM instrument status and performance FROGS (FRench Ground Segment) Status AbstractContribution
J. Liu, Daniele Hauser,X. Jiang ,X. Dong, W. Lin, L. Wang, C. Sun, Y. Xu, S. Lang The mission, technical performance, status and application demonstration of China France ocean satellite Abstract
Congrong Sun, Liu Jinpu,Lang Shuyan,Xu Yin,Ma Xiaofeng,Mu Bo, Liu Jianqiang,Lin Wenming,Xie Xuetong SCAT instrument status and performance CHOGS (CHinese Ground Segment) Status AbstractContribution
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SCAT assessment and product characteristics

Kuo Zhang, Xiaolong Dong, Di Zhu, Risheng Yun Estimation and Correction of Geolocation Errors of the CFOSAT Scatterometer Using Coastline Backscatter Coefficients AbstractContribution
Miaomiao Yu Ocean Calibration and Backscatter Measurement Error Analysis of CFOSAT Scatterometer AbstractContribution
Christophe Payan, Anne-Lise Dhomps, Jean-François Mahfouf CFOSAT SCAT activities for NWP in Météo-France AbstractContribution
Wang Binghua , Xiaolong Dong, Wenming Lin On the inversion characteristics of CFOSAT wind scatterometer AbstractContribution
Wenming Lin, Shuyan Lang, Jianqiang Liu, Xiaokang Zhao Coastal wind retrieval from the China-France Oceanography Satellite scatterometer AbstractContribution
Xingou Xu, Ad Stoffelen, Marcos Portabella, Wenming Lin, Xiaolong Dong A comparison of quality indicators for Ku-Band wind scatterometry & for typhoo,s Lekima and Krosca in CSCAT AbstractContribution
Haijun Ye, Bo Li, WuYang Chen, Fenghua Zhou, Hongqiang Yang, Danling Tang, Shilin Tang, Junming Li Evaluation of CFOSAT scatterometer wind data in global oceans AbstractContribution
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SWIM assessment and product characteristics

Xiuzhong Li, Xu Ying, Wenming Lin, Yijun He, Jianqiang Liu Validation and Calibration of Nadir SWH Products from CFOSAT and HY-2B with Satellites and in-situ Observations AbstractContribution
Suchandra aichbhowmick, Seemanth M. Analysis of Wind and Waves from SWIM on-board CFOSAT AbstractContribution
Alice Dalphinet, Adrien Nigou, Lotfi Aouf Benefit of the 5Hz SWIM nadir data in regional wave model for the French coastal areas AbstractContribution
Annabelle OLLIVIER, romain Husson, Sebastien Guillot, Charles Peureux, Baptiste Gombert, Mathilde Simeon, Fanny PIRAS, Gael Goimard, Gerald Dibarboure, Lotfi Aouf, Daniele HAUSER, Cédric TOURAIN, Jean-Michel LACHIVER Demo Products promoting SWIM Calval Team upstream work AbstractContribution
Sergei Badulin, Andrey Kostianoy, Sergey Lebedev, Vika Grigorieva, Alexei Kouraev, Valerii Tcepelev CFOSAT mission: Progress report on testing site in NW Russia AbstractContribution
Charles Peureux, Annabelle OLLIVIER, Sebastien Guillot, Cédric TOURAIN SWIM ocean waves spectra : illustration of performances AbstractContribution
Daniele HAUSER, Peter Sutherland, Louis Marie, Raquel Rodriguez Suquet, Patricia Schippers, Gilles Guitton, Frederic Nouguier, Marie-Noëlle Bouin SUMOS : A field campaign in support of the validation of CFOSAT observations AbstractContribution
Jean-François Piolle, Gilles Guitton, Alexey Mironov, Yves Quilfen, Abderrahim Bentamy, Fanny Girard Status of CFOSAT product and services from the Ifremer Wind and Wave Operation Center (IWWOC) AbstractContribution
Joanna Staneva, Gerhard Gayer, Anne Wiese, Lotfi Aouf, Danièle Hauser CFOSAT data and their synergy with in-situ measurements and model simulations at regional and coastal scales AbstractContribution
Ludivine Oruba, Emmanuel Dormy The MAEVA project AbstractContribution
Weizeng Shao, Ying Xu CFOSAT Wave Spectrum Observations Compared with Numerical Results and Chinese Gaofen-3 SAR AbstractContribution
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Wind and Wave analysis

Sun Xiaoyu, Sun Jian Tracing the decaying swell across Pacific with CFOSAT SWIM data AbstractContribution
Huaming Huaming Yu, Songlin Li Wave spectra data assimilation based on spectral partitioning to cross assigned wave systems Abstract
Antoine Grouazel, Alexis Mouche CFOSAT and Sentinel-1 comparisons for Significant Wave Height measurements AbstractContribution
Fabrice Ardhuin, Guillaume Dodet Extreme sea states: CFOSAT data in the context of other satellite data and numerical hindcasts AbstractContribution
Eva Le Merle, Daniele HAUSER, Lotfi Aouf, Charles Peureux, Patricia Schippers, Christophe Dufour Directional and frequency spread of surface ocean waves from CFOSAT/SWIM satelllite measurements AbstractContribution
Fabrice Collard, Gilles Guitton SWIM directional spread as compared to Sentinel-1 and wave buoys AbstractContribution
YANG GAO, Francois G Schmitt, Jianyu Hu, Huang Yongxiang Scaling Analysis of the China France Oceanography SATellite Along-Track Wave and Wind Data AbstractContribution
Gwendal Marechal, Fabrice Ardhuin, Jean-Marc Delouis, Sophia Brumer, Antoine Grouazel Wave-current interactions: a new view of how surface currents influence wave properties using CFOSAT-SWIM data AbstractContribution
Lotfi Aouf, Alice Dalphinet, Danièle Hauser, Jiuke Wang, Bertrand chapron, Cédric TOURAIN On the assimilation of SWIM directional wave observations in wave model : A success story from CalVal phase to operational use. AbstractContribution
Maria Yurovskaya, Vladimir Kudryavstev, Alexey Mironov, Alexis Mouche, Bertrand Chapron Combined CFOSAT SWIM and SCAT measurements: a tropical cyclone case study AbstractContribution
Sheng Chen, Anna Rutgersson, Xunqiang Yin, Ying Xu, Fangli Qiao On the First Observed Wave-induced Stress over the Global Ocean AbstractContribution
Sonia Ponce de Leon Comparison of wave spectra in the Agulhas current system using spectral wave models and SAR. AbstractContribution
Keyi Tan, Lingling Xie, Quanan Zheng, Junyi Li, Ying Xu Effects of eddy frontal processes on surface wave propagation AbstractContribution
Ying Xu Analysis of Propagation of Typhoon Waves Based on CFOSAT Observation AbstractContribution
Yanping Shi, Yan Du, Xiaoqing Chu, Shilin Tang, Ping Shi, Xingwei Jiang Asymmetric wave distributions of tropical cyclones based on CFOSAT observations AbstractContribution
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Sea Ice and continent

Charles Peureux, Nicolas Longépé, Alexis Mouche, Celine Tison, Cédric TOURAIN, Jean-Michel LACHIVER Sea ice signature in SWIM off-nadir echoes AbstractContribution
Fanny Ardhuin, Jean-Francois Piollé Using CFOSAT scatterometer for sea ice application : preliminary results from Ifremer/LOPS Abstract
Frédéric Frappart, Fabien Blarel, Zacharie Aoulad, Catherine Prigent, Eric Mougin, Fabrice Papa, Philippe Paillou, Mehrez Zribi, Cassandra Normandin, Pierre Zeiger, José DARROZES, Luc Bouurel, Christophe Moisy, Jean-Pierre Wigneron Backscattering signatures at Ku band over Africa from Jason-3 and SWIM AbstractContribution
Meijie Liu, Xi Zhang, Ping Chen, Genwang Liu, Jin Wang, Shilei Zhong, Yahui Li Research on Arctic Sea-ice Type and Freeboard Detection Based on the Surface Waves Investigation and Monitoring Instrument of the China-French Ocean Satellite AbstractContribution
Liling Liu, Jianqiang Liu, Wenming Lin, Xiaolong Dong, Congrong Sun, Shuyan Lang Sea Ice Extent Retrieval with Ku-Band Rotating Fan Beam Scatterometer Data AbstractContribution
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Perspective for signal processing improvment and/or new products

Jianyang Si, Ping Chen A study on effect of range bunching on modulation spectrum measured by a wave scatterometer AbstractContribution
Yuhang Huang, Ping Chen, Daniele Hauser, Patricia Schippers Estimation of Speckle noise spectrum around along-track direction by a theoretical model for SWIM configuration AbstractContribution
Alexey Mironov, Bertrand Chapron, Yves Quilfen, Vladimir N. Kudryavtsev Ku-band Polarization Difference Model From SCAT Measurements AbstractContribution
dunya alraddawi, Daniele HAUSER, Cédric TOURAIN, Patricia Schippers, Christophe Dufour Mitigation of parasitic peaks appearing on SWIM wave height spectra AbstractContribution
Fanny PIRAS, Cédric TOURAIN, Annabelle Ollivier Up-to-date performances of the SWIM nadir Adaptive retracker on heterogeneous surfaces AbstractContribution
Frederic Nouguier, Gilles Guitton, Louis Marié, Bertrand Chapron Analysis of speckle manifestation on rotating near-nadir radar measurements. The SWIM case AbstractContribution
Huimin LI, Daniele HAUSER, Bertrand Chapron, Frederic Nouguier, Patricia Schippers, Biao Zhang, Yijun He Up-to-downwave asymmetry of CFOSAT SWIM fluctuation spectrum for the direction ambiguity removal AbstractContribution
Laura Hermozo An empirical antenna gain estimation method for SWIM sigma0 correction AbstractContribution
Xu Wang, Ping Chen, Hauser Daniele, Patricia Schippers An empirical model of SWIM speckle noise spectrum AbstractContribution
Patricia Schippers, Daniele HAUSER, Christophe Dufour, Alice Dalphinet Speckle noise estimation from SWIM measurements AbstractContribution
Jiasheng Tian, Zhiya Yao, Jian Shi A New Smart Weighted Fitting Algorithm of Retrieving SWH in China's Offshore Waters Based on Data from the SWIM Radar on Board the CFOSAT AbstractContribution
Jiasheng Tian, Xianhao Dou, Jian Shi Inversion and correction of wind speed at high sea state based on nadir data of SWIM on CFOSAT AbstractContribution
Jiuke WANG, Lotfi Aouf, Alice Dalphinet, Youguang Zhang, Ying Xu, Danièle Hauser, Jianqiang Liu The Wide Swath Significant Wave Height: An Innovative Reconstruction of Significant Wave Heights from CFOSAT's SWIM and Scatterometer Using Deep Learning AbstractContribution
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Heritage for future missions

Fabrice Ardhuin, Frederic Nouguier, Bertrand Chapron The Sea surface Kinematics Multiscale monitoring (SKIM) proposal: a feasible concept for future sea state and current mission AbstractContribution
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